DMU (Diesel Multiple Units)

The DMU is designed for adapting sub/urban transportaion. MC + M + MC is basic formation of one train set. MC car installs a driving cabin, a set of engine with hydraulic transmission(TM) and gen set for electricity. M car installs a set of engine with TM



Description Specifications Description Specifications
 Max Speed 90 (km/h) Width 2.99 m
 Acceleration 0.38 m/s2 (0o/oo slope, normal load)
0.34 m/s2 (full load, up to min. 25km/h)
Height 4,100 mm
 Deceleration Deceleration 1.0 m/s2(Emergency Length of vehicle 20800m
 Axle load 14 ton (empty) Length between bogies 14 m
 Braking Regenerative & Air Brake Length between axles 2.2 m
 APU 180 KVA/Mc Wheel diameter 860 mm


Train Configurations

Description Specifications Remarks
Train Type Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit
Formation MC + M + M + MC MCs install driving cabin
Car body Frame Mild Steel As per requirement
Driving cabin Operational equipment
Monitoring equipment (TMS)
Work convenience equipment
Tandem Drive
Bogie Frame Upper/lower Swing Bolster type
Wheelset Solid steel forged type
Suspension Primary : Coil spring
Secondary : Coil spring
Actuating equipment Diesel engine N14-R (CUMMINS) 354 KW at 2100RPM MC
Cooling system Compact roof mounted system
Power Convertor Torque Convertor Voith T211 re.4 (Input torque : 2200Nm) MC, M
Braking equipment Type Full pneumatic system
Brakes Service, Parking and Emergency
Couplers ABC Coupler Height from top of the rail according to standard.


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